Formed From Clay Ceramic Arts by Michael Fuller

Design Services

With my backgrounds of both sacred art and large construction projects I have a unique ability to help consult on projects and create 3D digital designs and renderings of artwork before a project design is finalized.  This can help you save unwanted and costly mistakes from showing up during a project.  Also by creating sculptures and art works in clay first and using an inexpensive technology called photogrammetry to scan the artwork into a digital 3D model, I can have works of art created in almost any medium including stone, bronze, resins, wood, and many more.  I work directly in clay also and have a full ceramics studio in conjunction with a specialized computer for working in large scale 3D construction models. I would like to bring the technologies that I have learned in the oil and gas engineering and design field into the realm of sacred art and church projects.  Combining hand sculpting with today's digital modeling software allows for a fusion of the old and the new and a way to scale projects up faster and more precisely.  When utilizing 3D modeling in the design process much more attention can be made to the subject matter of the art.  By combining hand work and the computer, you work of art is still sculpted by hand, but touched up digitally to prepare it for fabrication.  It is not much different than creating a traditional mold for a bronze sculpture, with the computer you are creating a digital mold.  In the manufacturing market there are many different vendors who specialize in specific mediums such as stone, wood and bronze.  Some already use 3D printers and CNC milling machines to form or cut computer designed objects from their specific material.  By utilizing these 3rd party vendors more focus can be put on the message of the artwork more closely and how it will look in the overall plan.  The best materials can be selected to fit the artwork after it is designed.  This way you can have an Artist oversee more aspects of your project and have those who specialize in specific materials guide the fabrication of the artwork.  I specialize in all aspects of ceramics, 3D digital design and fabrication, and large project design coordination with over 20 years of combined experience.  If you currently have restoration work, renovation, new building, schools, large scale, or small scale art projects please contact me at michael.fuller@formedfromclay for a quote or more information on how I can help on your project.