Formed From Clay Ceramic Arts by Michael Fuller

Brigit's Memorial

Brigit Marie Fuller is the 6th child and 5th daughter of Tammy and Michael.  She was born on Tammy's 33rd birthday August 8, 2013.  Everything was normal about the pregnancy until the final moments of birth in which she became stuck during delivery and required an emergency C-section to be delivered.  Despite the best efforts of the doctors she went with out air for to long during delivery. After all efforts were made to help her recover she passed into eternity four days later.  Michael and Tammy are currently designing her monument.  Michael is currently sculpting from clay an image of her asleep in wrapped in a blanket that will be laid atop her grave.  The sculpture was scanned digitally and cast in bronze.  The only pictures of Brigit have her hooked up to machines while she was alive.  Below is the only picture they have with her eyes open.  Michael has used this picture and several other private pictures to aid in the sculpture.  There will be posts of the progress over the next couple of week of the clay sculpture before it is scanned.(8/31/2016) (revised 7/13/2017)

In Loving Memory of Brigit Marie Fuller

August 8, 2013 - August 12, 2013

Laid to Rest on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 15, 2013 

Final terra cotta clay sculpture before sending to foundry for bronzing.

Raw bronze, before patina.  Deep In The Heart Foundry in Bastrop, TX did the molding,casting, and patina.

Computer generated rendering of scanned sculpture with engraved granite block.  Coldspring Granite is in the process of making the granite block designed by Michael.